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This is another style Samsung poker analyzer, it is a little thin and look like more original Samsung poker analyzer,000 we called it CVK. It has Chinese version and English version, and it has many poker games, such as Texas Hold’ em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Report one by one and so on. As for CVK Samsung poker analyzer, it also has two different styles, one is having built-in camera, the other is0 without built-in camera to scan bar-codes marking playing cards. As for CVK Samsung poker analyzer, it also has blue-tooth loop and mini wireless earpiece to hear result. And CVK poker scanners can change different frequencies to work with different frequencies cameras.


Wold Poker Tour Poker cheat in cards game Gamble cheat in all poker games Casino Games Poker match Private cards game Club cards games Magic show of marked playing cards All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble. Action India Home Products reserved final interpretation