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Black Switch Knob Camera Playing Card Scanner For Samsung Analyzer

Product Code:- PS34

Contact:- 011-25702442

Contact:- +91-9999994242

Contact:- +91-9811251277

Contact:- +91-9811601716

Email Id:- actionindiadelhi@gmail.com


This is a new design camera which with long scanning distance, its scanning distance is about 4m, that is, the distance from this Knob to the cards is about 4m. Switch knobs is very normal and common products in this world, as everywhere has different switch knobs to turn the lights on and off, even to use to open and close the doors and so on.

While common products will be able to become special and unique products, switch knobs is also in this way, as our engineer installs an infrared camera inside and makes it camera to be able to scan the edge sides bar-codes marked playing cards for any frequencies poker analyzers. As for this switch knob camera for poker scanners, you can use the remote control to turn the camera on and off, and also can use the remote control to move to focus to right hand and left hand, to upside or downside.

This kind of switch knob camera can be worked with CVK analyzer, K3 Samsung Galaxy mobile phone poker reader, K4 poker scanner, iPhone poker analyzer and so on, and no matter what games you play, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Russian Seca, Flush game, Omaha 6 cards, Omaha 10 cards, Omaha hi and so on.


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