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Camera Of Heaven Eye To See Any Backside Marked Playing Cards And Faces Of Playing Cards

Product Code:- CCD04

Contact:- 011-25702442

Contact:- +91-9999994242

Contact:- +91-9811251277

Contact:- +91-9811601716

Email Id:- actionindiadelhi@gmail.com


This is a new design camera, we can install backside camera inside or color camera inside, if we install the camera to see the backside marked playing cards, and need a partner in another room to see the markings on the back of playing cards in front of TV or monitor and then by vibrators or walkie talkie or GSM receiver to communicate with each other.

While if we install the color camera inside, the color camera will see the face of cards, so that your partners will be able to see the suites and numbers of cards in the TV or monitor in another room.

But why we called it heaven eyes camera? As we install this kind of camera into the ceiling and you will be able to use the remote control to control the camera to right side or left side, to front side or backside and adjust the definition of camera to see the cards.

As for the transmitter, we will offer you short distance transmitter and receiver or long distance transmitter or 4G transmitter, it will depend on your choice.


Poker match
Casino Games
Wold Poker Tour
Club cards games
Private cards game
Poker cheat in cards game
Gamble cheat in all poker games
Magic show of marked playing cards

All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble. Action India Home Products reserved final interpretation.

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