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Casino Games Barcodes Marked Cards Poker Scanner Water Cooler Camera

Product Code:- PS77

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This is a real water cooler which is for people to drink water, no matter you put this water cooler in your house or your casino clubs, it will be very helpful to you to play any poker games, it will be very useful and it will be very difficult for other people to discover. No one will notice there is a micro camera installed into the water cooler to help you to play poker games and help you to win a lot of money.

As for water cooler camera, it can be for poker analyzer, when it is for poker analyzer, it will be able to scan the bar-codes marked cards and deliver the signal to your poker analyzer, so that the poker analyzer will tell you who is the first winner and second winner when you play Texas Hold’ em and Omaha 4 cards and Omaha 5 cards game, and seca game and three cards game.

While water cooler camera is for backside marking playing cards, you need another partners in another place to see the marking of cards, so that your partners will know what the cards are by watch the TV or other monitors, and then your partners will tell you what the cards are by walkie-talkie.

water cooler camera will be infrared camera, new ink camera, HD camera and laser camera;
water cooler camera will be able to be for all generations of poker analyzers;
the distance of camera will be able to reach 2m;
the batteries of water cooler cameras can be changed, and battery life is about 6 hours;


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