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Italian Modiano Golden Trophy Plastic Marked Poker Cards For Poker Card Reader

Product Code:- MPC77

Contact:- 011-25702442

Contact:- +91-9999994242

Contact:- +91-9811251277

Contact:- +91-9811601716

Email Id:- actionindiadelhi@gmail.com

Product Details:

Action India Home Products has more than 10 years experience at processing UV marked playing cards.No matter what kind of material and brand of cards, we can do better and provide best service . Our company selected 100% original Modiano plastic cards from professional Modiano cards factory . Our target is supply the top quality products and best service to our clients.

Modiano Golden Trophy Card is original from Italy, with special quality control, it is considered the upscale and luxurious cards in the casinos all over the world. The card can maintain the Original form though being folded a million times .

Modiano Golden Trophy Card 4 Regular Index is 4 PIP index set which have smaller pips but large picture in the middle then a jumbo index. This set is beneficial to play Texas Hold’EM , for game players can view their hole cards more efficient .

These side marked poker cards can work with poker analyzer, and it will read out the points and suits of the cards, it is very easy to use, no matter using in magic or playing poker games , they are the most needed


Wold Poker Tour
Poker cheat in cards game
Gamble cheat in all poker games
Casino Games
Poker match
Private cards game
Club cards games
Magic show of marked playing cards
All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble. Action India Home Products reserved final interpretation.

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