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Plastic Dice Cup Of Casino Magic Dice See Through Dices For Gambling

Product Code:- CMD35

Contact:- 011-25702442

Contact:- +91-9999994242

Contact:- +91-9811251277

Contact:- +91-9811601716

Email Id:- actionindiadelhi@gmail.com

Product Details:

You will find that this is magical plastic dice cup, because it is the best way to cheat in the dice game. However, it is also a normal plastic dice cup, so that no one would doubt about it. You can see through the dices in the video phone. Since they are the normal dices,you don't need to process the dices.


World Poker Tour Casino march Poker Games Magic show


The player will know the result when he cover the dice with this dice cup and open the video phone,because there is an micro infrared camera inside of the inner bottom, when the user cover the dice with this dice cup and open the video phone, they can know which point the dice turn up.

Estimating Working Time:

It can work for nearly 5 hours.


1 Perspective Dice Cup
1 Remote Control
1 Video Phone
1 Charger Wires


It is the best way to cheat in dice game.
You can win the game easily.
No need to mark the dices.
You can just operate by yourself, no need any other partner.
All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble. Action India Home Products reserved final interpretation

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